About Electric Growth

A creative digital marketing agency looking to help you communicate who you are and how you can help solve problems for your customers.

Building Your Future

Electric Growth wants to build your business. You have goals and aspirations. We want to help you achieve them.

Having a great product or service isn’t enough in today’s world – there is just too much noise. We have to find creative ways to get your message to your audience. We will develop and implement strategies to get your business found and keep people coming to your business for more!

Brand Identity

We help you identify your brand so your customers can easily understand who you are.

Web Design

With branding in place, we design the look and feel of your website.

Web Development

After we design it, we build it for you. Not just that – we show you how to use it!

Marketing Strategy

We look at your SWOT analysis and find the best ways to market your business online and offline.

Content Marketing

We create quality content to help your business get found and grow.


This is about more than backlinks – it starts with quality content.

Origin Story

Electric Growth started when Johnny heard that a local company was paying tens of thousands of dollars per month PLUS an equity stake for social media posts and a website that didn’t work! That’s when the idea to start an honest, transparent digital marketing agency became the focus.

The Electric Growth mission is to save companies from shady agencies that overcharge and under-deliver. We’re doing that one small business at a time.

The Team Leader

A great digital marketing agency starts with one man (in this case) with a vision.

Johnny Whitfield

Johnny Whitfield


About Johnny

Born and raised in Nashville, Johnny is what the area residents call a “unicorn.”

He tried many different jobs and acquired skills and knowledge in many industriesover the years, but returned to a creative path armed with a versatile skillset including web design, content marketing, analytics and SEO.

After returning to Christ in 2021, Johnny has rebranded his digital marketing agency, and is focused on pursuing business opportunities that glorify Jesus.

Johnny wants you to succeed in business and life. He looks forward to talking with you soon!

You don’t have to blow out the budget to succeed

Lots of agencies out there will sell you on a massive ad spend and paying them thousands of dollars to manage those ads.

They promise no results. They charge a ton of money. It’s a gamble. But they convince you that it’s what you need to do to succeed.


Problem is – that’s not the case. You can be very successful without ad spend, certainly early on.

To know how to get there will require knowing your business, but we can definitely develop a strategy for success that doesn’t require thousands per month in ad buys.


Target The Right Customers

Don’t waste your time trying to acquire customers or clients that aren’t a good fit for your business. Know your brand and know your audience. We’ll help you find them and help them find you.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

Track and measure to know how you’re doing and how to improve.  We’ll help you get setup with less invasive analytics data that protects the privacy of your audience while giving you the data you need to increase your conversions.

What We Do

Search Engine Optimization

A long-term process of building on keywords and content that will drive traffic to your site organically for months and years to come. 

Content Creation

We develop content for your business, through copy, blog posts, landing pages and content for social media.


Developing landing pages, sales funnels, engagement forms, and other ways to increase conversions on your site.

SEO Consulting

We go over the reports with you and discuss ways you can improve the SEO on your site to increase traffic.

Data Analysis

Analytics is vital to business success. We help you track and measure the important metrics.

SEO Strategy

We look for the best opportunities in your industry and develop a comprehensive strategy for increasing organic traffic. 

Let's Work Together!

Looking for help in growing your business and want someone who will think outside the box with you?