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Our Growth Marketing Services Available For Your Business


We create a cohesive marketing strategy tailored for your business. Starting with your North Star metric, we create a multi-channel marketing strategy that strives for real growth, not vanity metrics.


Your brand represents you – and more importantly, it represents your customer. Electric Growth creates brand guides that increases your company’s authority and trust with prospective customers while giving your team consistent aesthetics and brand voice.

Email Marketing

The simplest way to cut through the infinite distractions of the internet. We create email campaigns that are engaging, on brand, and optimized to convert your customers – moving them further through (or keep them in) your sales funnel.

Content & SEO

You know the value of Search Engine Optimization. Electric Growth creates on-site optimized content to provide value to your customer. We couple that with quality SEO strategies that pay dividends over the long run.


Optimize your ability to stand out from the search engine crowd. With proper keyword planning, we create keyword strategies and implement campaigns that will put your company in front of the right audience when they’re ready to engage with your product or service!

Paid Social

Everyone is on Facebook, which is the blessing and curse of advertising on social platforms. We have extensive experience in high converting advertising on social. If you’ve tried a few ads or boosted posts in the past and were disappointed, it’s time to take a different approach with Electric Growth.

Social Media Management

Enhance your authority and communicate with your audience on the social platforms that make sense for your business. Social media management can be completely engulfing if not properly managed. We create the strategy for content distribution to maximize results!

Influencer Marketing

Authority, trust, aspiration – all things influencers have with their audience, and all the things you want for your business. Connect with the right influencers for your industry to harness their audience authority and create instant credibility with your potential customers.


Telling your brand story effectively will help your audience understand your business. People don’t buy products, they buy solutions. Why is your company the right one to solve their problem? Let’s craft a compelling case for your brand!

Public Relations

We handle press releases, outreach to publications and outlets that will grow your audience, and handle the narrative around your brand! Our growth marketing services will generate some buzz. We’ll be there to manage that for you.


Whether it’s setting up pop-ups, giveaways or a referral program, we help drive revenue through timely promotions designed to engage your audience!


We design and build modern websites. All are mobile responsive and secure for improved customer experience. Using our growth marketing services isn’t worth much if your website isn’t any good. 

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Bonus Offerings

Growth Marketing Services through our trusted partners



Our partners are Shopify Pros well versed in building beautiful ecomm stores and helping engage your audience with your online presence.



Whether it’s an app to complement your site or a stand-alone app, we can build it for you! We’ll get your app on both iOS and Android to reach the whole market!



Video content is vital to your company’s success. People engage videos more than ever! We help you create a commercial or documentary style video.



Events engage potential customers on a deeper level. We help you create virtual or physical events to grow your business while creating value for customers!

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