Over the years, I have had trouble finding a graphic design site that has all the tools I need to effectively edit posts. It can be quite the hassle subscribing to different editing software, only for each of them to come up short: Edit being the exception. Edit is a great site that utilizes all of the tools required that are conveniently placed for the user.

The main page of the site provides templates specific to categories and formats. Need an aesthetic for your travel site or social media? Or how about a collection of designs specific to YouTubers? Edit conveniently organizes these varied, yet defined categories that can be easily picked from.

The Edit Process

Once you’ve picked the right category and format that you’re going for, you can use the sidebar provided to manipulate details of the post. The sidebar tools on Edit are quick to reach, and they utilize the search bar so that you can find the element you need to add or the font that fits your design best. The site also provides an array of stock images and elements specific to Edit that have a slick design. The stock images are organized in the same fashion as the templates to adds simplicity to post building and photo editing.

Finding the right font for your text is also a fun part of the process when using Edit. The sidebar provides font suggestions that preview themselves on a template design; and if you don’t like the suggestions, Edit previews every font in a drop-down bar. My only problem with the editing process is that they provide an option to send objects to the back of the canvas, but not in between others. For example, if I want to add an element behind my text on a page last minute, I have to add the text again after picking an element. This a very minor set-back to an otherwise smooth creation process.

My favorite part of the sidebar is the colors tab. The colors tab allows Edit users to create gradients and color combinations in a way that’s much easier and more intuitive than any other site I’ve used. Another great feature on Edit is the option to change the size of your canvas while editing. If for some reason your intended Instagram post has morphed into a Facebook one, simply go to the “Change Size” dropdown and pick a dimension specific to where you’re posting or how you’re printing. Once you’ve finished your post, or maybe need to look for more inspiration, the sidebar includes a link back to the templates page and a tab to your design library.

The Membership Options

Edit offers a FREE membership with 100MB and thousands of templates and plenty of resources to use. But with a premium account, the “My Designs” section allows me to store 3,000MB worth of designs on the site. This is a huge feature for me because I store tons of downloads and post drafts on my hard drive. Edit offers me an alternative to adding to my desktop clutter. Edit also offers the most relevant variety of premium content on any site. If you’re a streamer who wants to add graphics to their videos, Edit provides elements and photos specific to popular games such as Clash Royale, Rocket League, PUBG, and Fortnite. I have personally used the social icons (Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) provided in their inventory for my own posts. Edit has clearly put in the work to make your premium membership worth it. The premium account can be bought for $118.80 annually ($9.90 a month), or you can purchase premium on a month to month basis for $12.90.

Conclusion & Offer from Edit

The time and effort put in by the creators are clearly ingrained into this service. Edit offers the best variety of content compared with any other graphic design site. From simple click and drag content to specific details, Edit can do it all. The layout in the content creator is organized and easy to master. But if you run into any problems, the Edit team is available through live chat and email. These can be reached from the menu dropdown. I personally love this site and it has cut my content creation time in half! The Edit team is also offering FIVE of our readers FREE premium accounts for one year. Email us at johnny@electricgrowth.com to claim your FREE one year account with Edit! Use Edit for all of your graphic design needs!

Disclosure: Electric Growth was provided a premium account for free to fully explore the features of this service so that we could write an accurate review.

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