The key to venturing into the freelance world is understanding where you can make the most money with the skills you have, and the things you want to do. Using your unique set of skills acquired through previous jobs, hobbies, or your natural born talent can give you a leg up among the millions of other freelancers in the economy. Where better to use these skills than in the comfort of your own home with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection?! Here are some of the highest paying freelance jobs from home.

Programming and Web Design

One of the most well-known freelance work available online is creating websites for other businesses. Programming is a difficult job that many people don’t have the eye or the patience to handle. Basic coding is something anyone can take the time to learn, but few people want too. It takes lines and lines of coding to do things like automation, website building, and data management. Coding is, in a sense, a whole other language waiting to be learned by a large percentage of people. Ambitious freelancers who work in web design also want to know a decent amount about coding so they can manipulate small details in their websites to make any theme their own.

Likewise, web design is a skill that requires a certain eye for the creative and a lot of patience. Business owners around the world outsource their web design simply because they don’t have the skills or time for it.

Many small businesses like “Mom and Pop Shops” are consumed with selling their products in the physical world, so they don’t pay enough attention to the potential of selling online. Small business owners also worry about their finances and day-to-day operations, which leaves little time to learn new skills in web design. There is a huge hole in many businesses where online marketing and graphic design should be – making it the perfect opportunity for a freelancer to make good money while helping businesses grow.

Both programmers and web designers only need a computer and some quality software to help small businesses. These workers are only an email or text message away from their clients which makes working from home a breeze. This amount of flexibility allows freelancers to take on multiple clients at a time and waste no time on a commute!

Internet Marketing

While this field tends to go hand-in-hand with design, it is worth noting that internet marketing is a growing field of its own that helps businesses around the world sell their products. Many businesses today are selling their products exclusively online, having completely ditched the idea of selling at a physical store. While selling products in the physical world is beneficial, the number of consumers we can reach on the internet through independent websites or big distributors like Amazon are unparalleled.

Modern businesses realize this and need someone who can advertise their product and brand to this plethora of potential buyers. Internet marketers part the sea for businesses who would otherwise get lost in the fray with big companies. While the business has quality products and services, their website can get swallowed in the search engine among hundreds of others who offer similar goods and services.

This job includes posting ads online for businesses through multiple mediums and advising them on how they can improve their search engine optimization (SEO). This can also be a job where you can find a creative outlet by creating content for the businesses to attract customers. Videography and photography are excellent ways to catch the eye of consumers and produce quality content for your clients.

When it comes to freelance jobs from home, this one is made possible through technology. You will get to post ads online for businesses and track their growth from your own home while making a substantial amount of money.

Customer Service Representative

Being a customer service rep. involves taking calls from clients and customers who have questions about company products. Flex Jobs reports that almost half of all businesses globally offer some kind of remote work. Businesses are starting to outsource their customer reps instead of having them come into an office and get paid to wait by the phone. This job is necessary for any company and can be a great way for you to start a freelance job from home. 

Virtual Assistant

A great way to work normal hours while having a freelance job at home is being a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you can help businesses schedule meetings and other secretary work from home. Other tasks include bookkeeping, research, database entries, presentation prepping, and much more. A good internet connection and some skill with a keyboard can help you help businesses no matter where you are in the world.

Legal Advice and Aid

For those with a great amount of knowledge of the legal field, online legal advice is a great way to make a large amount of money per client. Maybe you just earned your law degree but you can’t find your fit with any of the firms you have applied for. Maybe you enjoy law consulting so much that you want to make more money on top of what you do at your firm. This is a great way to keep third parties away from earnings and offer a service that people need at some point.

As a legal aid, you can use instant messaging to talk to clients for a flat or hourly rate. The service of instant information for a specific scenario that involves in-depth knowledge on the subject can’t be contended with.

Online Tutor

Many people are turning to online tutoring to help them with their school work. Maybe you had a tutoring job in school or even excelled so well in a course that you helped others! High schoolers can sometimes need help in their basic subjects. Also, if you’re skilled in certain areas of study from college, it can help you earn more hourly. Websites like Tutors are a great way to start getting paid. Virtual Assistant

Freelance Jobs from Home

The opportunities with freelance jobs you can do from home are limitless. They offer comfortability and flexibility that is unmatched in any other field. Using your unique set of skills, you can break out on your own as a full-time freelancer or simply pick up a side hustle for some extra cash. Either way, being a freelancer is rewarding work financially, and can brighten your outlook on your daily tasks.

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