Growth marketing is a very popular strategy among freelancers and entrepreneurs. That’s because it is the key to success for up and coming businesses. Likewise, it is the key for big businesses to expand their reach and increase traffic to their sites. Twitter, for example, went where other social media sites hadn’t gone when they integrated a retention model for their site by helping new users gain a minimum of five people to follow when they first created an account. This dramatically increased the percentage of recurring users.

Growth marketing is purely data-driven. Unlike traditional marketing, growth marketing uses every piece of the funnel and monitors them in order to optimize business growth overall. 

Consumer Habits and Data Science

The growth marketing definition consists of many components; the most well-known being the marketing funnel. Behind the components of the funnel are a multitude of sciences and statistical experimentation.

Arguably the most important way to launch a good marketing campaign is behavioral science. Understanding consumer habits and the psychology behind them is essential for any growth hacker. Who would buy or use our product/service? Why would they? How are we going to keep them coming back for more?

Airbnb understood this better than most when they launched their housing rental service. In order to make consumers aware of their service and acquire more customers, they posted their new listings on Craigslist, an already well-established application. This re-routed traffic to their site while optimizing their reach. Leveraging other outlets for traffic is a great way to work customers through our funnel and increase our SEO.

Once we have marketing objectives and campaigns established and executed, we need to understand the data we receive. The data must be analyzed and broken down so that we can see what triumphed and what failed. Track where consumers visit most often on your site. Where are your ads most efficient? Is there a trend on what type of consumer shows interest in your product? All of these components can be tracked through online tools like Google Analytics.

In fact, 63% of company marketing problems involve generating traffic and leads online (per Hubspot). Make your brand easy to discover and track your data to improve your traction and funnel.

How Important is a Growth Marketer?

Most business owners understand the importance of online marketing. What they may not understand is the importance of hiring someone to manage their growth marketing.

Startups have a lot of work to do. With limited hands and resources, it is impossible to be the expert of everything in your business sphere. Outsource your growth marketing. Focus on your business and brand identity so you can grow a one of a kind company. Let experts like Electric Growth take care of getting your brand out there and streamlining your product or service! 

As of 2019, 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while searching on their smartphones. In today’s world, businesses need experts who can put their brand at the forefront of online traffic; especially the up-and-coming generation.  Understanding consumer habits and effectively marketing your product absolutely requires quality content. Hiring a growth marketer, or outsourcing your marketing to a capable freelancer takes this load off your plate so you can focus on developing a strong, sustainable business.

Growth hackers should handle your entire marketing process and optimize it so you can reach more potential customers. Their responsibilities can include strategy, online content, email marketing, social media management, SEO Optimization, and much more. Understand what a growth marketer can offer your business and make sure they are worth putting your brand in their hands.

A growth marketer that puts your business first can be your most valuable asset in growing your business. Electric Growth is that asset!

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