The most important factor to team success: communication.

That’s why you need tech tools for teamwork and collaboration!

Keeping communication lines open and transparent can be difficult. An app can’t fix any communication problems you have within the team or office, but they can certainly keep your communications organized so you don’t waste time trying to remember who said what and which tasks have been assigned to whom.

Because of the nature of teams, it can be difficult to stay on the same page with everyone on your team. Communications get jumbled in email inboxes. Tasks get lost. Priorities get shuffled.

It happens. But there are solutions to minimize losses and streamline your processes.

Here are the five best apps to keep your team on track and highly effective:

1 – Slack

This is the best team communication tool available. Ditch 50 layer deep team email threads — slack each other. Create groups on topics to stay focused and make decisions quicker.

Slack includes a ton of integrations that will notify you of key things happening in your organization. All in one central platform.

2 – Asana

Excellent organization for teams. Track tasks and velocity. Prioritize. Let all team members make comments. Asana keeps communication lines open. Separate tasks into different boards with access restrictions — like Slack for project management.

3 – Streak

CRMs are important. You need to track all those leads you generate for your business.

Streak is a free tool that is built on GMail. You can track leads for your business inside your inbox!

The functionality is amazing and being connected to your inbox makes tracking so much easier!

4 – Pivotal Tracker / Trello

Pivotal is the best collaboration tool for the development team: track tasks, velocity and assign importance. Great for planning sprints in your agile development.

Trello is the same general idea but not integrated with Github (which the coders need). It is free though and has mobile apps. Trello also integrates with Dropbox — which could be a great tool for sharing files for your team.

5 – Google Drive

Perfect for sharing files: notes, spreadsheets, etc. and letting everyone collaborate.

Also, email and analytics are nice free bonuses for your team.

Real-time updating is an incredibly useful feature. Combine it with Hangouts so you don’t write on top of each other and you’re gold.

There you have it: the 5 best tools for teamwork and collaboration.

Good luck out there teams!

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