You’re a non-technical founder and you’re looking for keys to outsource app development.


This can be a daunting task. You don’t know where to start. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.


But there are resources and people who would like to help you. Navigating the waters isn’t easy though, so I’m here to help you get started.


I’ve outsourced web development on occasion and I’ve been advising a non-technical founder as he was able to successfully outsource mobile app development for AirFive.


Enough background.


Here’s what you came for – the 5 keys to outsource app development:


1 – Know your product


The first key to a successful launch of a mobile app is to have a solid vision.


The vision for the app comes from the founder and gets communicated to everyone in the organization. Good designs help clearly communicate the vision visually.


Designing the user experience for your app before hiring a tech team is crucial. You need to know the goal for the users of the app before you can get developers to build your app.


A savvy founder should discuss any legal copyright or trademark issues with legal counsel.


2 – Hire the right team


Time zones can make communicating with your developers more tricky. Differences in work hours for the tech team and the rest of the team can also translate into delays to answering questions and solving issues.


Look at potential teams or individuals reviews and portfolios. You want to know they communicate well with employers and their product is delivered on-time and looks good.


If you know the tech stack you need, you’ll know which developers you need to hire. If you don’t, hiring the right devs to work together is vitally important.


Hiring a dev team that already works together has the benefit of knowing they communicate well with each other and have built projects together before yours.



3 – Communicate effectively


You need to speak the same language of your development team. You also need to understand the tech lingo. If you don’t, hire a team that does, like Brix.


A non-technical co-founder should take the time to learn how to effectively communicate with a tech team. Knowing what is possible and what isn’t possible in the time frame will keep you and the development team much happier.


If you have a project manager, you both need to be able to communicate with the tech team as well as each other. Communication must be open and frequent for the highest chance of successfully launching your product.



4 – Test the product


Test, test, test.


Lots of unexpected things can happen in development. Be testing throughout the development cycle. This will help you catch errors sooner and save you the nightmare of a broken app on the day you planned to launch.


Test your product as an end user, not as the founder. Consider hiring a growth team to help with testing, planning for the launch and marketing your product effectively.


If you’d like a 30-minute chat to get started, Tweet us @electricgrowth and schedule a time here.


5 – Launch on time and on budget


Keep your costs down by hiring the right tech team for the right project.


Hiring a good project manager to stay on top of the project will help you run your startup effectively as well.


Using these 5 keys to outsource app development, you can successfully launch your product faster and cheaper than you previously thought possible!


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