How to Convert HTML to WordPress Step by Step Tutorial

You have a website written in HTML and you’re ready to move it to WordPress. Good for you!

There are two great ways to do this.

Option 1: Manual

If you want to do make the switch manually, Elegant Theme’s blog on how to convert HTML to WordPress step by step tutorial is the perfect place to go.

I also highly recommend Elegant Themes Divi theme (I use it on this site and many others I’ve built).

But maybe designing and building websites isn’t your thing. That’s cool – I can help with that.

Option 2: Automated

Electric Growth partnered with Import Into Blog to provide you a quick and easy way to convert your HTML site into a WordPress site. 

If you decide now is the time to get a new design, I’m here for you. If you decide you need help with your website copy and/or navigating and understanding WordPress, I can help you with that too.

Maybe your website is gold, but you could really use a boost in traffic (foot or web-based). Coincidentally, Electric Growth offers digital marketing services to help increase your revenue.

Destiny is what made you click this link when searching “How to Convert HTML to WordPress Step by Step Tutorial.” We were meant to meet today. I’m so glad we did.

Either way: Marketing

Let’s say you aren’t ready to fully commit to me – which I understand, we barely know each other – but you are intrigued and would love to know more. That’s perfect – I wrote a book on marketing strategies just for you!

That book is free, by the way. I just need your email address so we can be pen pals and get to know each other better.

This probably turned out a little different than you expected when you searched for “How to Convert HTML to WordPress Step by Step Tutorial,” but I suspect you got some quality value (at least some fun) from this.

If you feel differently, you can berate me on Twitter – preferably my business account: @electricgrowth. Just make sure you link to this article so everyone knows what you’re referring to.

I wish you all the best in your business and WordPress endeavors!

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