In a bold move, LeBron James does not endorse Electric Growth’s competition.

Recently named The Greatest Living Athlete by GQ, LeBron James has not endorsed a single competitor of Electric Growth.

What does this mean for the growth marketing team? What does it mean for the digital marketing industry?

We don’t know for certain, but we can speculate.

Here are a few things this move could mean:

1 – LeBron James heard that other companies charge far too much and deliver far too little.

He heard about a few charging $10K or more per month for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) alone – without even creating a steady stream of content!

2 – No other growth marketing agency was transparent enough for LeBron to feel comfortable giving his stamp of approval.

With a myriad of choices in the digital marketing world, it’s surprising to see how little transparency exists. More companies need to show their clients what they do.

3 – Other growth marketing teams simply could not deliver in a manner fit for a King.

People make a lot of promises. Few, however, are kept. Who can you trust? Apparently, the King didn’t feel comfortable trusting any growth marketing team enough to endorse them.

4 – LeBron wants to see more companies give Electric Growth’s free consultation a try!

Electric Growth offers FREE 30-minute consultation for businesses and it would be unwise for business owners to not take advantage of that!

5 – LeBron had not seen enough of the Tweet and Meet

Hoping to see more businesses take action on Twitter, LeBron is likely waiting to see how companies react to the electrifying energy of Johnny Whitfield and Eric Sundal in a marketing consultation!

With the hype train leaving the station on #TweetandMeet #ElectricGrowth, everyone, including the King, is waiting to determine the effectiveness before endorsing one company over another.


Is this an opportunity for a big shakeup in the digital marketing industry?

What do you think this means for Electric Growth?

The Greatest Living Athlete (according to GQ), LeBron James, was not available for further comment at the time of this publication.

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