The Problem with Gary Vee

He should really ween people off his content.

Part of the overconsumption of social stems from Gary and people like him. We don’t need people pumping out 37 hours of content per week.

Keeping up with him is a full-time job!

The irony is that he’s telling us to hustle and work towards our goals, but watching every episode of Ask Gary Vee and the Daily Vee and listening to his podcast gets you roughly… zero steps closer to achieving them.

Gary Vee is an excellent source of inspiration and his hustle is admirable.

His accomplishments are admirable too. Yes, he was handed a $3M revenue company, but he grew it to $60M quickly! That’s incredible!

Then he leveraged that into the media empire he has today.

For some reason, people seem to think they can be on Gary’s level next week. It took him 20 years of work. That’s two DECADES.

From selling wine in his early twenties to the empire Gary Vee runs today (he’s 42), was a long journey.

It wasn’t filled with 20+ hours a week of watching motivational videos each week.

He did the work. He figured out how to grow his business.

People get sucked into that “Gary Vee Mindset” (as I’ll call it) and the mental high of watching him get shit done, they forget to actually get shit done themselves.

The high of watching his content feels great (like the “faux positivity” of Instagram – I’ll get to that later), and it’s super passive.

That’s the easy part.

Do the work. That’s the hard part.

Honestly, a Gary Vee video generally doesn’t have that many usable tips. He’s incredibly interesting and fun to watch (for a while – until his interrupting guests/callers gets annoying), yes.

However, I bet if we broke the videos down into “usable tips per minute,” or UTPM, his score wouldn’t be very high.

At least, compared to Noah Kagan it wouldn’t be. This dude is impressive! I mean, here’s Noah giving you 5 tips to grow your business in 2018. He drops an F bomb too, just like Gary! haha

Seriously though, Noah’s videos tend to be in the 5-10 min range and he just hammers immediately-actionable information into your ears. I just found Noah’s videos this week and I’m already writing the action strategies and figuring out how to emulate his success.

Gary’s videos tend to be 25 minutes or longer with 3-5 actionable items. Those could’ve been condensed into 5 minutes. Your time is valuable.

Gary LOVES talking about his business.

And he built an impressive one. So, it’s cool. His passion bleeds into every video.

Here’s the caveat though – what’s applicable to him or what he’s done isn’t necessarily what will work for you. It’s not even necessarily something you should do.

There are already a bunch of people trying to copy Gary Vee. Stop it! There can be only one.

Be you. Do your thing. Be the first to do your thing your way!

Maybe I’ll swear-ramble as much as Gary if I ever make a business that successful. And maybe I’ll have a million followers who will gobble up every sound of my voice.

Probably not though.

Noah built his empire from nothing. He wasn’t given a multi-million dollar business to start. He just fucking did it! See, I can drop F-bombs too! Does that make me a genius?

If you’re looking for actionable business tips, watch Noah Kagan videos on YouTube.

He makes awesome content. Subscribe to Noah Kagan here.

If you’re looking to get high on cool videos about entrepreneurship with an awesome soundtrack created by a media mogul, watch Gary Vee videos until you pass out every night. That’s cool.

It’s just not actually building a business like Gary has done and repeatedly tells you to do in his videos.


To reiterate: I admire Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s a master of marketing and has absolutely crushed it (get it?)!

I’ve watched some of his videos and listened to one of his books on Audible – “The Thank You Economy.” I highly recommend it! Still very relevant. Yes, that’s an affiliate link.

Seemingly, it became an addiction for a lot of people to consume Gary’s content without doing the work and I’m concerned that dependency is not being addressed at all.

What’s your take on the Gary Vee empire? Did you watch Noah Kagan’s videos? What do you think?


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