The Top 7 Marketing Strategies for 2018

In fairness, my Marketing Strategies for 2017 blog and ebook (FREE download) were super general.

They are definitely useful strategies, as opposed to tactics that most people write and discuss. They need more depth though. That’s why I’m writing about the top marketing strategies for 2018!


1 – FREE Resources

Webinars that teach people something were really hot in 2017 and I don’t expect that to slow or stop.

Make sure you provide more value than you ask in exchange though. Electric Growth will be doing webinars in 2018 and you should sign up for our newsletter to get first access to them!

Other free resources that will get people to your site are industry-specific tools. You can dominate search by providing free tools optimized for SEO and customer needs!


2 –  Niche Networks

Facebook ads are overrated. The platform is too crowded. You have to spend more than is worthwhile to see excellent returns.

I know all of the big marketers are pushing a course on FB ads. That’s because they already did it and want to make money showing you what they did, knowing full well there’s not as much money in it.

Go small in 2018! Find niche networks that you can really engage fans. Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest are all worth considering as alternatives to the Facebook / Instagram behemoth.

Engaging niche sites can prove highly lucrative as you could dominate that marketplace and leverage that to get into larger markets quickly.


3 – Influencer marketing

Use of “influencers” has skyrocketed through 2017. This is another that won’t slow in 2018.

Make sure you know your audience before picking an influencer. Smart choices in influencer marketing can provide huge returns!

Hiring an influencer based solely on total follower count is a bad idea and could result in wasting tens of thousands of dollars on a single Instagram post.


4 – Smart Partnerships

Providing something useful for your audience (or desired audience) that already exists elsewhere.

It’s like dual affiliate marketing – you push someone else’s non-competing product or service to your audience and vice-versa.

I will tell you that Electric Growth is looking for smart partners, so if you have something you want to offer, let us know.


5 – Acquisitions

Sites are for sale all across the web. Some of them have audiences that would be interested in your product or service.

You can buy the audience of a faltering site/business instead of spending a ton of effort and cash attempting to build your audience from scratch on Facebook (bad idea).

Buy an email list or niche podcast to expand your reach overnight. Trust me, a podcaster with a small audience would be happy to sell exclusive rights to you. They get bills paid, you get a captive audience every week or month.


6 – Go Abroad

International markets are blowing up (in a good way)! You can take advantage of it cheaply by translating your site with Google Translate and advertising abroad.

People outside the US and UK (where most of our readers are) have money and need services (shocker, I know). They also don’t have as much competition, so you can get there early and dominate the market!

Move fast before your competition decides to spend their bitcoins targeting the hundreds of millions of Android users with cash in developing South American countries!


7 – Hire a Growth Team

You need content. It needs to be optimized (SEO). Buying backlinks as a strategy is dead.

Content creators are everywhere. High-quality content creators are worth finding and paying.

Blogs are a good start. Audio and video are the next level.

Videos keep rising in popularity as the preferred medium. This makes a growth team with video production services ideal.

Not coincidentally, Electric Growth produces video content through our friend Noah Baron, who has over 23,000 fans on FB and 23,000 subscribers on YouTube!

Hiring a growth team will help your business so much more than hiring an intern or two.

Hiring a growth team for the price of an in-house social media manager is a steal and you should do it!


Need help implementing the top 7 marketing strategies for 2018Contact us to get started!



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